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Shipping cost

In Sweden
Orders up 999 SEK – shipping is 100 SEK
Orders above 1000 SEK – free of charge

Outside Sweden
Orders up to 199 EUR – shipping is 20 EUR
Orders above 200 EUR – free of charge


All deliveries are handled by Swedish post service (posten.se)
If you have any special requests regarding your deliver, please contact us.

In Sweden
Normally you will have your order within 2-4 days from your date of the order.

Outside Sweden
Delivery outside Sweden may be 1-2 weeks.

When we ship we will provide you with an ID for the shipment through e-mail. This way you can easily track your shipment on www.posten.se . If you by any reason shouldn’t receive a e-mail, sms or delivery notice from the post office within reasonable time it is your responsibility to track your shipment on www.posten.se. If you would need any help just contact us at info@kamfy.com and we’ll do our best to get things sorted for you.

Any deliveries that remain unclaimed after 14 days will be returned to us and an additional cost of 250 SEK for shipping and handling will be added to your cost. You will also be denied any further orders at kamfy.com.

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kåmfy afterwear clothes
are ecological and
made in a colorful design
with uniqe details

We are a Swedish
family own company
who process and design
our collections by ourself