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zipper protection

zipper protection

We add a zipper protection in the collar to make sure the zipper puller doesn't touch your skin. Nothing super fancy but it makes it more comfy.



Our cuffs are designed as a wristgaiter, both sleeves and legs have the same design on our full suit. These cuffs offer nice warmth when wearing them around your wrists.

They also helps to keep the sleeves or legs up when you need to cool down.

high collar

high collar

Our collar have a high and wide design that makes them extra comfy. We are really happy about our collar/hood design since it makes the product special. Works really good when you are wearing the hood underneath a jacket since the collar will give a "scarf" like feeling.

If you wear it straight it is rather high with a good comfy feeling.

If you fold both the hood and the collar you get an even more comfy feeling.

sleep hood

sleep hood

Our sleep hood has special design to provide better comfort for you in many ways.
It's big and roomy and it folds down over your face if you want to have some "privacy" when sleeping in public areas or when travelling.

Another good thing about the hood is that you can fold it to make the collar stand up and give a "scarf like" feeling. Very nice and cozy if's a little bit cold.

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kåmfy afterwear clothes
are ecological and
made in a colorful design
with uniqe details

We are a Swedish
family own company
who process and design
our collections by ourself