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"kåmfy" is a Swedish version of the English word comfy and is pronounced the same way but written with Swedish letters. Simple and we think it captures the soul of our brand.

We tried summarize ourselves and be concrete in what we stand for us a brand. In this process the word "kåmfyology" popped into our minds and we think that "kåmfyology" captures the essence of our brand in a good way. We don't know if it's even a word but our definition of the word fits us perfectly

The definition of kåmfyology is a state of well being when body, soul and mind find a good balance. We're not sure, but we think that this state is achieved in a personal way and that there is no standard "reciepe". We know that there are some classic moments where our products fit perfectly in the moments after, this is why we call our clothing collection "afterwear".

We also belive that our way of thinking on enviromental aspects fits within the "kåmfyology" description. Might be a little silly but we think planet we live on also deserves to be "kåmfy". We only use ecologial cotton in our products and produce them in a factory that work in an ecological way.

We will launch new products and colours regurlary on our web page. We don't care what season it is. The way we figured it out is that there is always summer or winter somewhere on this planet. So be sure to pop in every now and then to keep up to date on what's coming. One thing is sure...

kåmfy is as comfy as it gets!

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kåmfy afterwear clothes
are ecological and
made in a colorful design
with uniqe details

We are a Swedish
family own company
who process and design
our collections by ourself