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"kåmfy" is a swedish version of the English word comfy but written with a little touch of Sweden. Simple and we think it captures the soul of our brand. When we tried summarize ourselves and be concrete in what we stand for as a brand the word "kåmfyology" (comfyology) popped into our minds and we think that it captures the essence of our brand in a good way. We don't know if it's even a word but our definition of the word fits us perfectly.

We think ”kåmfyology” is a state of well being when body, soul and mind find a good balance. We're not sure, but we think that this state is achieved in a personal way and that there is no standard "reciepe". We know that there are some classic moments where our products fit perfectly, the moments after, this is why we call our clothing collection "afterwear". We also belive that our way of thinking on enviromental aspects fits within the "kåmfyology" description. Might be a little silly but we think planet we live on also deserves to be "kåmfy". We only use ecologial fabrics in our products and produce them in a factory that work in an ecological way.

kåmfy was born i a cold rented apartment during a ski vacation in Åre. It was 25 degrees Celsius below outside and the apartment had real problems in keeping a comfy temperature inside. We really needed something ”kåmfy” to wear. We decided that we wanted to do something different. Something that was missing in our closet. We ended up deciding that we wanted to make ”afterwear” and the first challenge came as no surprise. How? We ordered a sewing machine so we could make our own samples and ship them to a factory and they help us make the rest. Simple? No! We had to bring in an expert so we called ”mommy” who spent lot’s of time by the sewing machine to help us. ”Mommy samples” was established and we had something to work with and the process was started.

We knew we wanted to make something new and fresh and that it should be comfy. Inspired by the details and designs of outerwear but made with afterwear fabrics. We like colour and we live with an ecological mindset in our family so those ingridients was very important for us. After a long process of finding the right factory that had the right standards for ecological production of fabrics and manufacturing we recived our first shipment of products in december 2010. Our full suit and beanie was the first two products we launched to the market and it worked. We continued to twist and work on our collection to make it complete with lots of fresh, colourful and comfy afterwear.

kåmfy is a family owned and family driven company and we use ourselves in the process of developing new products. Vi like colour. We like to spend a day doing nothing (called ”skrota” in Swedish). We like to spend the day out in the mountains skiing, biking or just enjoying the nature. We like to spend time with our friends. We like to spend the afternoon/evening by the barbeque. We like to spend the day on the beach, sailing or playing. The inspiration for what we create comes out of nowhere where we see that we miss something that could be more kåmfy. We are spontaneous and will launch our products when they are ready. We belive that there always is summer or winter somewhere on this planet so this means that there always is use for some kåmfy products. Please drop by us from time to time to stay updated on what’s going on.

We will do our best in taking good care of you as our customer as we possibly can. Don’t be a stranger and please sign up for our newsletter. We are interested in your thoughts so let us know if there is something that you think could be made more ”kåmfy”. 

kåmfy is as comfy as it gets...


Stay kåmfy!

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kåmfy afterwear clothes
are ecological and
made in a colorful design
with uniqe details

We are a Swedish
family own company
who process and design
our collections by ourself